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According to statistics, there are over 100 million bicycles in the United States. With such a high number, you should be able to find and purchase a new bike easily. However, this number can also make it more difficult to find a bike that suits all of your needs. 

If you’re having trouble choosing a bike from the numerous bike options out there, read on. This article will mention many of the different types of bikes and explain more about their features. 

Folding Bikes 

The main purpose of folding bikes is to fit in smaller spaces. The owner of a folding bike can easily bring their bike into an apartment and/or office. As a result, he or she doesn’t have to worry about their bike getting stolen. 

It’s not ideal for off-roading. However, the smaller wheels are more efficient than the larger ones. They are also stronger, stabler, and easier to maneuver than some other bike options. 

Road Bikes 

As you can assume by the name, road bikes work best on smooth paved roads. Technically many bikes can work well on roads. However, a road bike doesn’t work well on rough terrain. 

One of the most defining features of road bikes is their thinner tires. This allows these bikes to reach high speeds with little effort. These types of bikes also have a lightweight frame and handlebars which curve underneath themselves. 

They’re great for cyclists who want to get from one place to another quickly. This makes them a great choice for riders who want to use bikes for their work commute. They’re also the most common choice for high-speed cycling competitions such as the Tour de France

Commuter or Hybrid Bikes

These types of bikes are even mixes of mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. Because of this, they can handle rougher terrain along with smooth, paved roads. Compared to road bikes, they offer a ride that’s more comfortable. 

One of the biggest benefits of these types of bikes is the durability of their bike parts. As a result, they require minimal maintenance. 

As for the shape of the bike, one major of these bikes is their flat handlebars. Their tires are also wider than road bikes’ tires, but narrower than those of mountain bikes. Some of them also have a basic suspension fork to increase comfort. 

The main purpose of these bikes, as their name implies, is to get to and from work and school. However, they’re not very fast and more ideal if your commute is shorter. Also, if you plan to do a lot of off-roading, you may want a bike more suited for rougher terrain. 

Electric Bikes or E-Bikes 

Electric Bikes (E-Bikes for short) are bikes than include certain electronic components in their makeup. Usually, the purpose of these components isn’t to work without the rider. Rather, they give the rider a sort of boost to their pedaling. 

These ‘bike accessories’ (usually a battery and a motor) can come with many different types of bike models. Electronic road, commuter, and mountain bikes are all options that a rider can choose. A major downside of adding a motor and battery to a bike is that it can make the bike heavier. 

In addition, this bike type can be more expensive. The base cost is one reason for this. You will also probably need to seek a specialist to get your e-bike repaired and maintained properly. 

However, this price can be worth it if you don’t like feeling tired after a bike ride. They can also get up to speeds of 25 mph. 

Touring Bikes 

Essentially, the bike parts of this bike type are meant to endure longer rides. In addition, they have many bike accessories attached to their frames. This makes it easy for riders to attach any items they need on their trip, such as bags, water bottles, and so on. 

The secret of the touring bike’s durability lies in its steel frame. This frame is also easy to repair. As touring bike riders often end up in remote areas, this feature can certainly come in handy. 

Touring bikes also utilize wider tires, disc brakes, and a wide range of gears. These make it handle well in all kinds of weather and terrain. 

Don’t discount the touring bike if you only need a commuter bike, though. It also works well for this purpose. Along with having a long lifespan compared to a road or commuter bike, it will also offer you optimal comfort on a long ride. 

Mountain Bikes 

Designers made this bike specifically for conquering the toughest terrain. This makes them ideal for bikers who love to regularly go off-roading on difficult mountain trails. They can work as commuter bikes as well, but may not move as fast as road or commuter bikes will. 

There are a few different styles of mountain bikes. These bikes are usually grouped based on the sizes of their tires. Generally, the bigger the tire on the bike, the rougher the territory it can handle and the less maneuverable it is. 

Another feature that differentiates mountain bike options from each other has to do with the placement of the suspension. Some have a suspension that sits on the back or the front. Others have no suspension bike parts at all. 

Beyond that, mountain bikes also have various gears. By shifting these, a rider can make a bike work better on certain terrains than others. 

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