Best Early Season Ever?

Looking around you anywhere in Keystone there’s snow and lots of it. It’s hard to believe that we’re only a little over a week into December yet over 80% of Keystone Resort is open. November was a snowy start to the winter here in Keystone, we saw well over 5 FEET of snow in November and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Thanksgiving weekend delivered with big 12″+ storms and since then we’ve been seeing nightly showers with a few inches here and there adding up to over a foot by the end of last week. The couple of inches we’ve been receiving nightly add up and they also create a super soft base. It’s safe to say conditions now are better than they ever were last season!

With all this snow why not stop in and get yourself set up on the best demo skis and snowboards in Keystone! We carry demo snowboards from Burton, Capita, and NeverSummer. Our demo snowboard selection features classics like the Burton Custom, the Capita Defenders of Awesome, the Never Summer Proto, as well as boards less commonly found in rental shops like the Capita Break Springboard, NeverSummer Shaper series Insta-gator and Burton Family Tree boards! All of our demo boards come decked out with Burton or Union bindings! As for our demo ski selection, we’ve got all the big brands including Head, Nordica, Rossignol, Salomon, and Volkl as well as locally made Icelantic demo skis! Some of our most popular models this year have been all mountains skis like the Icelantic Natural and Mystic and the Nordica Enforcers. We’ve also got plenty of the always popular Salomon QST and LUX series skis as well as Rossignol’s 7 Series skis, the Sky and Soul 7.

As always you can save 20% on rentals for the best rates in Keystone’s River Run Village by making a reservation on our website. We allow our guests to make reservations anytime prior to their rental, no need to make reservations 24-48 hours in advance like most rental shops. Our reservation page is available 24/7 and we never take any payment until you leave the store with your gear. We try to make renting skis as simple as possible!

Check back soon for more Keystone Ski and Snowboard updates!