Colorado is about to be blanketed by a colossal snowstorm this Thursday, March 14th, 2024. As the storm rolls in, powder hounds across the state are eagerly anticipating prime skiing conditions at renowned resorts like Keystone and Copper Mountain. Let’s dive into what you can expect for your epic snow adventure this weekend.

The Snowstorm: Weather forecasts are buzzing with anticipation as a significant snowstorm is poised to sweep across Colorado. Winter Storm Warnings are calling for 1-3 feet of snow with some areas seeing up to 4 feet of snow! With heavy snowfall predicted, skiers and snowboarders are gearing up for some of the best conditions of the season. As the flakes begin to fall, excitement mounts for fresh tracks.

Skiing at Keystone and Copper Mountain: For those seeking top-tier skiing experiences, Keystone and Copper Mountain are two destinations that promise unforgettable adventures. With their diverse terrain and excellent snow conditions ahead, these resorts are primed to deliver exceptional thrills amidst the fresh powder.

At Keystone Resort, renowned for its expansive terrain and family-friendly atmosphere, skiers and snowboarders can expect superb conditions across its three peaks. From wide bowls to challenging glades, Keystone offers something for every skill level. With the impending snowstorm, powder enthusiasts can look forward to carving through untouched snow and enjoying the new Bergman Express Chairlift.

Meanwhile, over at Copper Mountain, adrenaline junkies will find themselves in paradise amidst the resort’s vast array of trails and bowls. From steep chutes to wide-open groomers, Copper boasts terrain to satisfy even the most discerning riders. As the snowstorm blankets the mountain, Copper’s slopes will transform into a winter wonderland, beckoning adventurers to explore its snowy expanse.

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