Summer is in full swing at Keystone Resort!

Summer is in full swing at Keystone Resort!


Ready for Summer!

The spring that wouldn’t end has finally given way to a gorgeous summer in Summit County. We’ve got lots of info†on new bikes, and an update on all the new work the Keystone Bike Park crew is doing at Keystone Resort.†Don’t forget that when you reserve online, you’ll get a 10% discount off of walk in rates, and guarantee that the bike you want is available.†

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We’ve got tons of new bikes for your riding pleasure this summer including the GT Fury, Kona Operator, Yeti SB5c & SB6C, NS Fuzz 2, Giant Glory 0, Glory 2 and the Reign 2, to give you the finest selection of rental bikes in Keystone and Summit County.

New this year, and the bike we’re most stoked about at Norski, are the Yeti SB5C and SB6C that we will have available for demo this season. These bikes are†Yeti’s†newest enduro trail bike offerings, and man are they sweet! The SB5C and SB6C have the corresponding amounts of travel, 5 or 6 inches, and are full carbon frame bikes offering top notch†specs with Fox Shocks all around.

Yeti SB6c Rentals, Norksi Sports, Keystone Colorado Bike Rentals

The Yeti SB6c playing in the mud:)

The Fury, Operator, Fuzz 2, Glory and Reign are all awesome bikes that haven’t changed much for 2015, but have received evolutionary component upgrades from the 2014 model years.

Mosquito Coast, Downhill Enduro Mountain Bike Rentals, Norski Sports, Keystone, Colorado

The GT Fury taking a break at one of the many benches on the mountain. This one’s on Mosquito Coast. #Keylocal†

The trail crew at Keystone Resort a.k.a. the Keystone Mountain Bike Park has been working hard to get the mountain open and trails ready for a great summer of lift served bike riding. This year will see lots of improvements to trails, like eliminating the uphill on Girl Scouts, and adding of a brand new blue trail from the summit to connect with Eye of the Tiger and Mosquito Coast.

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Work on TNT at Keystone Resort, Downhill Bike Rentals, Keystone, Colorado

TNT getting reworked. Looks sweet!


Mosquito Coast Wall Ride, Downhill Enduro Mountain Bike Rentals, Norski Sports, Keystone, Colorado

The new progressive wall ride on Mosquito Coast