Thanks for another great season!

Thanks for another great season!

Things are slowly winding down here in Keystone with a great mix of sunny days and powder days over the past month. Our snowfall has been consistent and heavy, with great conditions on the hill for the end of April.


Don’t miss the upcoming events this weekend to send the season off in style! On Sunday there is a HUGE(!) easter egg hunt for the whole family and it will be followed by Keystone’s Annual Slush Cup, aka pond skimming. The Slush Cup will take place at the Mountain House base area and is sure to be a great time for all, participants and spectators alike! Take a glance at the video to see what you have to look forward too!

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Thanks for a great season and your continued support! We look forward to a great summer season and have a ton of new bikes headed our way. Keep an eye out for the latest and greatest offerings on bikes from Kona, Giant and Yeti!

We will be closed in the shop from April 20th to the beginning of June, although we will be around so send a email if there is something that we can help you out with.

Enjoy spring and we will see you soon!