Snowboarding has its roots in skiing, skateboarding, and surfing and is now recognized as a legitimate athletic activity. It even became an Olympic sport in 1998.

As snowboarding’s popularity grows, lots of beginners wish to get into the sport and feel the thrill of it all. If you are one of these beginners, you will want to use certain snowboarding tips to become a better snowboarder. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Use the Right Gear From the Start

Maybe you received a hand-me-down board from your elder brother. Or you found some snowboarding pants in your local charity shop.

Even though your inclination will be to save money on these expenses, refrain from following these impulses. If you don’t have the right gear from the start, you might find that you begin to hate the sport of snowboarding very soon. And you might even drop out altogether.

When you start with the right gear that fits you well (make sure of it by using the snowboard rental company’s advice), you will notice that you won’t be distracted by loose boots or snow in your gloves.

Yes, it might seem like a lot of additional expense at once, but no one said that snowboarding is a cheap sport. And think of it this way – once you have the right gear, you won’t have to upgrade it for a couple of years or more.

You can also save cash by renting your gear and snowboard from the rental company instead of purchasing. Once you are addicted to the sport, you can then purchase custom snowboards and more.

2. Learn How To Get On and off the Ski Lift First

Did you know that you have to enter and exit the ski lift with one foot out of the snowboard? That’s because it would be extremely hard for you to approach the ski lift with both feet strapped into the snowboard (try it once and see how impossible it is).

For a beginner snowboarder, this is the first and biggest hurdle you will want to cross. For a lot of newbies, fear comes into play as they feel pressured by the quickness of the ski lift and end up missing it altogether.

The ski lift attendant will be there to help you, but they can only do so much. That’s why you will want to learn how to do this on your own pretty fast.

Of course, you will be on the bunny slopes for the first little while and it’s a bit easier on these slopes to get on and off the ski lift because they move much slower.

But you will want to move off the bunny slopes and onto something a bit tougher soon enough as bunny slopes can be quite crowded and filled with people who have no idea what they are doing. In that case, you will want to learn how to get on and off the ski lift gracefully as soon as possible.

3. Don’t Try To Do Too Much Too Fast

There’s a lot to snowboarding and you will soon find out that it’s not just about getting down the ski slope in one piece. There are many tricks you can undertake and different slope levels you can try.

It’s a fascinating sport and it will keep your interest for a long while, but only if you aren’t dealing with an injury.

Too many beginners get overly excited about the prospects of going on a double black diamond run but don’t learn the basics properly before doing so.

Be patient with yourself and go through it in stages to become a better snowboarder.

4. Bend Your Knees and Ride Across the Slope

If you notice that you are falling a lot on the ski slopes, it could be because you aren’t bending your knees enough. You aren’t going to be in full squat mode, but when your knees are bent, you can absorb any shocks or bumps more effectively.

Also, you shouldn’t be riding straight down the slope, but across it. This will ensure you don’t gain too much speed and fall. You can even slow yourself down by going back up the slope if riding across it doesn’t work as well.

Also, don’t forget to take care of your skin when snowboarding. The UV rays are much harsher on the slopes as they reflect off the snow.

5. Take Lessons From the Pros

There’s a reason why a lot of beginner snowboarders will take lessons from a pro before ever stepping foot onto a slope. You don’t want to learn bad habits and then have to unlearn them, because you keep crashing on the slopes.

An instructor is invaluable because they will see what your starting point is, and then create a lesson plan tailored to you. They can also see your strengths and help you build upon them.

Their objective nature will also ensure you don’t move on from one skill too fast and you don’t end up at a challenging run too early in the game.

Try several instructors, if the first one doesn’t pan out. Once you find someone that works for you, then stick with them over a few weeks, until you feel comfortable going out on your own. They can also give you advanced snowboarding tips at that point, once you are ready for them.

Ready To Put These Snowboarding Tips Into Practice?

There’s no need to compare yourself to anyone else on the ski slopes. Everyone learns at their own pace, so you don’t need to berate yourself if you are a bit slower than others.

Use the snowboarding tips laid out above and you will be zooming down the slopes like a pro soon enough.

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